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Providing frequently unique solutions, and advice to small businesses in corporate communication, web marketing, naming, social media, Brand Positioning, SEO.

Marketing, Advertising, and Speed.

Marketing advertising and speed - Image of a woman standing still in the middle of a busy crowd.

“Haste makes waste”. Proverbs are called an expression of folk wisdom. However, peoples are never wise because they don’t care about proverbs when they should follow them and only quote them to ” rebuke” the actions of others.

Computing, technology, and then the Internet have prompted billions of individuals to worship a new god: speed.

Thanks to technologies and then the Internet, tangible and intangible “stuff” such as goods and information can be exchanged at a speed never seen before in history.

Everything can be exchanged quickly but also created quickly.

In 2023, even more quickly through the use of Artificial Intelligence which, thanks to all of us, is learning, learning, learning.

The belief that generates the most harmful consequences is that speed is capable of compensating for the lack of knowledge, culture, experience, skill, creativity, critical thinking, foresight, vision, and introspection.

From the self-employed micro worker offering pedicures at home to the large enterprise, everyone believes that to sell a product or service, all you need is an idea, rarely original, create a campaign on Facebook or other social media and see customers and money rain down.

Those like me who have seen advertising and marketing become as popular as flip-flops over the last 60 years know that people, among other things, need “time” to know, perceive, understand, try, trust, and buy.

This applies to products and especially to services for individuals and companies.

But these entrepreneurs and professionals selling services do not accept it because social media are packed with so-called experts always good enough to persuade businesses that in one month they have made sales of 1 million.

Speed combined with greed generates stupidity.

And this leads businesses of all types and sizes into bankruptcy.

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I specialize in providing often one-of-a-kind creative solutions and expert advice to small businesses on topics like corporate communication, web marketing, copywriting, naming, social media, brand positioning, and SEO.

My expertise is available to businesses and professionals who want to build relationships with potential customers using cross-media communication, web marketing, and social media marketing.

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