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How to find customers? Create something that does not esist.

How to find customers? Create something that does not esist.

Are you itching to start your own venture, develop something truly valuable to people, and make a positive impact in individuals’ lives? Going solo sounds great, but what’s your end goal? You need to build something from the ground up to attract customers willing to pay for what you provide.

Your Ego is not the best salesperson - Image of a PIE that conveys the concept Problem, Interest, Essentials.

Your Ego is not the best salesperson!

An ego-driven approach to sales harms success. Big brands sell emotions, identity, and values. Small businesses can sell by solving problems, meeting interests, and satisfying essential needs with the P.I.E. approach. Read on to learn how to bake your PIE.

Advertising on a tight budget - Image of a man typing on laptop with icons of social media and business.

Advertising on a tight budget

The article discusses the importance of having a backup plan for lean times before investing in advertising. Small businesses should consider if they have the resources to survive declining sales and notice signs of an impending demand collapse.

Marketing advertising and speed - Image of a woman standing still in the middle of a busy crowd.

Marketing, Advertising, and Speed.

The belief that generates the most harmful consequences for small businesses is that speed is capable of compensating for the lack of knowledge, culture, experience, skill, creativity, critical thinking, foresight, vision, introspection.

Being spontaneous on social media - image of an english garden

Being spontaneous on social media.

Being spontaneous on social media means creating an image of your brand, business, product or service that is consistent with the message you want to convey and using creativity aimed at this purpose.

Finding happiness - hand holding smartphone

Finding happiness

How to find happiness within myself. Millions of people search for happiness in every way, every place, through all sorts of experiences. But still, most of them don’t find real happiness. That’s why.

Mindfulness and decluttering

Mindfulness and decluttering

Can mindfulness and decluttering tell us who we are? It depends on us: whether we want to find out or live unconsciously. Here is a personal story if you are interested in the topic.

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